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Waves of water


Innovation with new partners and products

For the last 30 years, in addition to the pulp and paper production industry, the focus has been on addressing environmental challenges and introducing new, efficient technologies for process water treatment and water conservation, as well as the efficient handling of various sludge qualities from effluent treatment plants. In 2017, Lange Lyche Teknisk became the European partner of Fournier Industries Inc., Canada, enhancing its focus on solid-liquid separation and dewatering solutions for the biomass/gas, effluent treatment, and aquaculture industries.

From paper to biomass:

Lange Lyche, established in 1931, has evolved from importing quartz sand and chemicals for the smelting and paper manufacturing industries to a leader in environmental technology.

Our transition began in the 1970s under Jens Fredrik Lange Lyche and was solidified with the incorporation of Lange Lyche Teknisk AS [aka LLT] in 1981, focusing on air and water purification.

Since 2017, we've partnered with FOURNIER INDUSTRIES Ltd., supplying the innovative FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ for liquid-solid separation in Europe, marking our expansion into new markets.

Our recent collaboration with Norwegian pump specialist PG Flow Solutions, a provider of bespoke pumping solutions since 1982, enhances our offerings, especially with their in-house capabilities in Sande, Norway. This partnership solidifies our position as a comprehensive system supplier, catering to diverse sectors including Aquaculture, Energy, and Offshore. 

In September 2023, Lange Lyche Teknisk secured an exclusive distributor agreement with FOURNIER INDUSTRIES for the FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ in Europe (excluding France), reinforcing our market presence.

Today, Lange Lyche Teknisk is a hub of specialized expertise, guiding decision-makers in Aquaculture, Biomass/Biogas, Pulp & Paper, and municipal Wastewater and Sewage treatment towards sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians are committed to optimizing processes and propelling industries forward.

In 2023 PG Flow Solutions invested further into Lange Lyche Teknisk  AS and as of April 2024 has a 67% majority stake in the company.

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A man from Lange Lyche operates a large paper machine at Follum Paper mill, Norway


At Lange Lyche Teknisk, our team is composed of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional results. With a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds, we bring together a unique blend of knowledge and experience. From engineers and designers to technicians and project managers, our team is committed to providing innovative solutions and excellent service to our clients.


Jens Fredrik Lange Lyche, founder of Lange Lyche Teknisk as

Jens Fredrik Lange Lyche

Founder and Board Member

Jens Fredrik Lange Lyche has been at the helm of Lange Lyche since 1973 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience from pulp and paper, wasterwater and biogas process industries.

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Wojtech Sargalski

Managing Director

Wojtech Sargalski has extensive experience from the biogas and wastewater sector, including dewatering of sludge.

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Evelyn Selmer

Sales, Business Development Germany, Central and Southern Europe

Evelyn Selmer is based in Austria and has 30+ years of experience within the field of international technical sales and business development. Fluent in German, English, Spanish and Italian languages

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Håkon Rognlien

Senior Project Engineer

Håkon Rognlien has extesive experience within the nutrient recovery sector, with additional experience from within the biogas and sludge sectors. Håkon handles dewatering projects for the landbased fishfarming industry.

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At Lange Lyche Teknisk we proud to be working with great partners and suppliers so we can provide the best solutions for our clients.