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Pump Solutions

An effective and reliable dewatering system requires high-quality pumps suited for the specific process at hand. Through a close partnership with pump-specialist PG Flow Solutions, Lange Lyche Teknisk provides the right pumps and equipment needed for any task, and tailored to meet your requirements.

Pumps for all processes.

Quality pumps for any task

In close co-operation with our partner PG Flow Solutions, we offer a wide range of supplementary pumps for the entire process loop.  With multiple types of pumps and pump technology to choose from, PG Flow solutions offers over 40 years of operations as pump supplier and offers comprehenshive know-know and expertise in finding the right pump for your unique your unique process and medium. The type required will depend upon a range of factors such as: sludge type and viscousity,  lift height and required pressure, fiber-length and particle size, installation limitations, etc.

Here are some examples:

Lange Lyche Teknisk can supply a range of pumps for dewatering systems including centrifugal, progressiv cavitiy and circulations pumps
What are the most common pumps for dewatering process loops?

Pumps for all types of sludge and liquids

Positive displacement pumps:
For use with sludge both before and after the dewatering process. The low shear and gentle pumping of these progressive cavity pumps equal low internal fluid velocities that ensures careful handling and low risk creating emulsions that can be hard to separate. Our largest pumps can handle solid sizes up to 55mm.

Centrifugal pumps:
We offer a range of centrifugal pump designs that can handle liquids containing particles. Particles and fibers can be challenging for pumps with closed impellers and narrow gaps - optimized for high efficiency. Our team of experts can help specify the correct pump and impeller, suitable for any task, pre- or post-process.

Various designs of centrifugal pump impeller to suite your type of sludge - Channel,  Vortex generating or Open type impeller
Automated for easy and reliable operation.

Control systems and HPU

Our automation and electrical engineers can help find the best solutions for your process and customize a control system that will ease control and provide safe and reliable automated operations.

We can supply a range of electrical or hydraulic driven pumps, both with additional Control System and Hydraulic Power Units – if required. Commissioning, after-sales and service provided from our Norway base.

With our partner PG Flow Solutions, we supply well suitable control system and/or hydraulic power units for our pumps and agitators.
Lange Lyche Teknisk - a complete system supplier.


As a complete system supplier with machine builder expertise, process know-how and support, Lange Lyche Teknisk also offers a range of complementary equipment that help optimizing the complete sludge process - before and after the dewatering stage.

Our team of experts possesses extensive process know-how and resources and are able to provide complete, tailor-made, turn-key solutions ranging from agitators to pumps,  to suit your specific requirements - all accompanied by exceptional life-cycle support and services.


The FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ offers a highly efficient solid-liquid dewatering separation for a range of industries that handles biomass, sludge, pulp, or other suspension materials.

PG Submix agitators are meticulously engineered to prevent sedimentation and ensure optimal mixing and blending of the pulp, resulting in improved uniformity and quality of the final products.

Wide selection of quality pumps and flow solutions for all stages of the process-line.

The Fournier QuickDraw - an innovative continuous flow dry polymer preparation system that offers all the advantages of dry polymer, without its cumbersome downsides.

Connect with our team

Want to know more about the FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ and how this technology can help reducing your operational expenses?  Get in touch with our team for an insightful talk about dewatering and how to optimize your process-loop.