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Dewatering solutions for treatment of Municipal Wastewater.

Reduce Wastewater sludge volume efficiently

The Fournier Rotary Press™ excels in reducing the volume of various types of sludge and wastewater. It offers efficient dewatering solutions for effluent treatment plants, providing significant operational cost savings over the long term.

Efficient Wastewater Management with Fournier Rotary Press

In the quest for sustainable waste management solutions, the Fournier Rotary Press stands out with its performance and efficiency. Tailored to meet the demands of municipal and commercial wastewater treatment plants, our technology confronts the challenges faced by industries across Europe.

Our Rotary Press offers a pragmatic approach to managing high energy costs, legislation compliance, and the imperative to reduce fresh water usage. This solid-liquid separation solution features a range of CVH model sizes, from a single dewatering channel up to eight, adaptable to both small and large sludge volumes. The press operates across all sludge types, including primary, septic, and both aerobically and anaerobically treated slurries.

The handling of dewatered sludges is traditionally marred by high transportation costs. Rotary Press Technology redefines this narrative by maximizing dewatering efficiency, reducing sludge volume, and consequently cutting down on transport expenses. 

Rotary Press Installation at Canadian Wastewater treatment plant

Navigating Tight Regulations

Legislative demands, often complex and stringent, require a precision-oriented approach to compliance. With the Rotary Press, businesses can achieve higher capture rates and cleaner discharge, surpassing regulatory thresholds. This not only shields businesses from compliance risks but also establishes their reputation as environmentally responsible entities.

Increase dewatering output with

Fournier Rotary Press™

With it's small installation footprint, slow rotation and low noice, installations can be  accommodated without additional changes to site and work-area, meaning little need for extra investment and time before production-start.

The FOURNIER Rotary Press™ offers versatile models for solid-liquid separation, suitable for high-fiber sludges (CVP) and biological sludges (CVH). Modular and expandable systems allow for future capacity increase - simply bolt-on another channel.

The technology operates effectively across various slurry types and waste streams. With slow rotation, it achieves high cake total solids percentage and superior filtrate quality at low total suspended solids content. The system handles inlet consistencies between 0.5% and 10%, potentially replacing prethickening and main dewatering equipment.

With it's high efficiency and low power consuption, the FOURNIER Rotary Press  is recognized for operational flexibility and low operating expenses, it features an enclosed design that prevents odour emissions and maintains a clean machine environment. A high level of automation and operational reliability minimizes operator attendance and intervention times.

Learn more about the many benefits of the FOURNIER Rotary Press here.

Enhancing Solid-Liquid Separation Efficiency

Highly effective dewatering at lower OPEX.

Traditional dewatering equipment may fall short of today's efficiency needs. The Rotary Press stands out with its superior solid-liquid separation capabilities, minimizing water content in the sludge and elevating the overall process efficiency to meet and exceed industry standards.

The FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ has many advantages over other dewatering technologies and offer substancial saving in running operation costs.

Focusing on operational efficiency, our Rotary Press technology achieves high cake dryness percentages and excellent filtrate quality with low total suspended solids (TSS) content. This performance is maintained with varying inlet consistencies, from 0.5 to 10%, demonstrating its robustness and versatility.

The modular design allows for tailored capital expenditure and capacity expansion without compromising on efficiency. With the best-in-class operational flexibility and the lowest operating expenses across its life cycle, the Rotary Press is designed for low operator attendance, thanks to its high automation and reliability.

Learn more about thefeatures and benefits of the Fournier Rotary Press.


This feature, coupled with the availability of lab sludge testing and pilot-scale trials, provides confidence in both the equipment’s day-to-day reliability and its long-term operational benefits.

Performance data underscores the benefits of the Fournier Rotary Press

Performance Data

Performance data is supported by lab sludge testing and full-scale pilot tests using our containerized pilot test units, enabeling test-data at an industrial scale.


Slow Rotational Speed

Slow rotation speeds between 0.5 and 2 rpm, equals low noise and viberations, minimizing wear and extending service life. Typical press life-span 20+ years.  
Service 2

High capture

Cake dry solids percentage adaptable based on sludge type, ranging from 15 to over 30%.

Filtrate TSS capture rates between 95% and 99%, depending on polymer usage.


Low Energy Use

Energy consumption tailored to sludge type, from 2 to 7 kW/hr per dry ton of sludge.

Flow rates per hour per dewatering module tailored to sludge volume, from 1 to 4 m³/hr.

Lange Lyche Teknisk - a complete system supplier.


As a complete system supplier with machine builder expertise, process know-how and support, Lange Lyche Teknisk along with our partners offer a range of complementary equipment that help optimizing the complete sludge process - before and after the dewatering stage.

Our combined team of experts possesses extensive process know-how and resources and are able to provide complete, tailor-made, turn-key solutions ranging from agitators to pumps,  to suit your specific requirements - all accompanied by exceptional life-cycle support and services.


The FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ offers a highly efficient solid-liquid dewatering separation for a range of industries that handles biomass, sludge, pulp, or other suspension materials.

PG Submix agitators are meticulously engineered to prevent sedimentation and ensure optimal mixing and blending of the pulp, resulting in improved uniformity and quality of the final products.

Wide selection of quality pumps and flow solutions for all stages of the process-line.

The Fournier QuickDraw - an innovative continuous flow dry polymer preparation system that offers all the advantages of dry polymer, without its cumbersome downsides.
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