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Stirr up the production with PG Submix agitators!  Developed to prevent settling and ensure optimal suspension mixing in industrial tanks across the biomass, wastewater, and pulp & paper sectors. Experience efficiency and reliability tailored to meet the needs of engineering professionals.

Precision Engineered for Optimal Suspension Mixing in Industrial Tanks

PG-SUBMIX; Agitators that keep the mass moving!

In close co-operation with our partner PG Flow Solutions, we offer the excellent range of PG SUBMIX agitators.

PG developed the first Submix agitators in the 80’s, and we are now in the third generation of these. With over 40 years of evolutionary development, the PG SUBMIX range has an incredible heritage and track-record from over 3000 installations on land, sea, and offshore. 

PG Submix-e tank-mounted agitators, keep any sludge or liquid in suspension
How does a PG Submix agitator differ from conventional electrical propeller agitators?

PG SUBMIX explained:

A robust design, powerful output and proven track-record = PG-Submix. Differently from the a.m. electric propeller type solution (which create an angled horizontal spiral in the tank), the Submix-units create a vertical circulation by gently moving the liquid by low speed, high torque towards the bottom of the tank generating the highest energy / velocity there to lift, mix and agitate the mud at very high quality.

Availible in both Hydraulic or Electric Hydraulic drive, the Submix range of agitators comes in a variety of sizes to suit mass and tank types.

PG-Submix agitators a robust and proven design.

Verified by CFD-analysis

Both the shear-forces and cavitation issues are at completely different levels compared to propeller type units. The latter making these units highly attractive also to keep special chemicals, polymers and other high value cargo in controlled suspension.

Developed for over 40 years of continuing evolution, the initital rheology design theory have been verified with using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.  CFD analysis help both calculate and visualise the process - thus ensuring proper agitation is achived.

CFD-analysis of PG Submix agitator
Automated for easy and reliable operation.

Control systems and HPU

Commercially the Submix-units are not far from a.m. electric propeller types, but do require a HPU and a small control system in addition.
Due to the very high efficiency of these units, we often see that one PG-Submix is able to do the work of two or more electric propeller type units - and achive better results.

All solutions come with control system that will ease control and provide safe and reliable automated operations.  Our dedicated teams are committed to providing comprehensive commissioning, after-sales support and service.

Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and control cabinets for PG-Submix agitators
Lange Lyche Teknisk - a complete system supplier.


As a complete system supplier with machine builder expertise, process know-how and support, Lange Lyche Teknisk also offers a range of complementary equipment that help optimizing the complete sludge process - before and after the dewatering stage.

Our team of experts possesses extensive process know-how and resources and are able to provide complete, tailor-made, turn-key solutions ranging from agitators to pumps,  to suit your specific requirements - all accompanied by exceptional life-cycle support and services.


The FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ offers a highly efficient solid-liquid dewatering separation for a range of industries that handles biomass, sludge, pulp, or other suspension materials.

PG Submix agitators are meticulously engineered to prevent sedimentation and ensure optimal mixing and blending of the pulp, resulting in improved uniformity and quality of the final products.

Wide selection of quality pumps and flow solutions for all stages of the process-line.

The Fournier QuickDraw - an innovative continuous flow dry polymer preparation system that offers all the advantages of dry polymer, without its cumbersome downsides.

Connect with our team

Want to know more about the FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ and how this technology can help reducing your operational expenses?  Get in touch with our team for an insightful talk about dewatering and how to optimize your process-loop.