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Polymer dosing system

The ever rising costs of polymers increases focus on getting the job done with less consumption, labor and space.  A good polymer dosing system helps you get more out of less.  

Dry or emulsion polymer? Have it both ways with the Fournier Quickdraw system.

FOURNIER QUICKDRAW: Dry polymer preparation without the hassle.

Introducing an innovative continuous flow dry polymer preparation system that offers all the advantages of dry polymer, without its cumbersome downsides.

Before QuickDraw, liquid polymer were often preferred, because dry polymer makedown systems required more operator attention, more maintenance and more space than liquid. QuickDraw eliminates all of these drawbacks.

Since no aging time is required, the QuickDraw does not need aging tanks, allowing you to save space in your plant.

Fully automated and minimal operator intervention needed. Does not require daily cleaning.

Fournier Quickdraw polymer dosing system - Tank and control cabinet with valves and pipe-work.
Patented dissolving device saves time and money.

Dissolving and activating device

The innovative, patented dissolving device ensures the proper wetting and activation of the polymer. There is no aging time required. The continuous flow process activates the polymer solution with no breaks in time, sequence, or substance.


Lower shipping expenses and less time consumption.

Efficiency and Savings

QuickDraw uses dry polymers that are +90% active chemistry, while emulsion polymers are only 30% active chemistry. The higher shipping costs and lower efficiency of emulsion polymer make dry polymer a better fiscal option.

Since there is no aging tank, there is no batching required, resulting in less polymer waste. Therefore, polymer concentration can be rapidly and easily changed.

The Fournier QuickDraw can supply multiple units or any type of equipment with the same unit.

Lange Lyche Teknisk - a complete system supplier.


As a complete system supplier with machine builder expertise, process know-how and support, Lange Lyche Teknisk also offers a range of complementary equipment that help optimizing the complete sludge process - before and after the dewatering stage.

Our team of experts possesses extensive process know-how and resources and are able to provide complete, tailor-made, turn-key solutions ranging from agitators to pumps,  to suit your specific requirements - all accompanied by exceptional life-cycle support and services.


The FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ offers a highly efficient solid-liquid dewatering separation for a range of industries that handles biomass, sludge, pulp, or other suspension materials.

PG Submix agitators are meticulously engineered to prevent sedimentation and ensure optimal mixing and blending of the pulp, resulting in improved uniformity and quality of the final products.

Wide selection of quality pumps and flow solutions for all stages of the process-line.

The Fournier QuickDraw - an innovative continuous flow dry polymer preparation system that offers all the advantages of dry polymer, without its cumbersome downsides.

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Want to know more about the FOURNIER ROTARY PRESS™ and how this technology can help reducing your operational expenses?  Get in touch with our team for an insightful talk about dewatering and how to optimize your process-loop.